Harmonium Symphonique

GSI Musique
Noisy Head Studio

Our mandate for Harmonium Symphonique was two-fold: we had to program the video timeline and to create, leveraging Unreal Engine, city scapes. Marcella Grimaux's artistic vision of desolate cities was quickly rendered by using Unreal Engine.

The low turn around time and easy adaptability, of that solution, was key to the success of Harmonium Symphonique.

Executive Producers: GSI Musique & Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM)
Producer & Artistic Director: Nicolas Lemieux (GSI Musique)
Arrangements: Simon Leclerc
Visual concept: Marcella Grimaux (Noisy Head Studio)
Video programming: The Fury Studio
Video content production: Noisy Head Studio & The Fury Studio