LiViCi - Carry Me Home

Les 7 doigts

In this innovative multi-reality platform, The Fury Studio was called in to help the production team integrate Real-Time content of the experience.

Using Unreal Engine, a motion capture system, projection and a VR broadcasting system, LiViCi is meant to be experienced in-place or in VR. Acrobatic performers are captured, in realtime, augmented virtually and streamed all over the world.

Co-conceived and co-created by Samuel Tétreault and Athomas Goldberg
A production by Les 7 Doigts and Shocap Entertainement

Executive Producer/Producer: Tina Diab (The 7 Fingers), Nassib El-Husseini (The 7 Fingers),
Athomas Goldberg (Shocap), Brett Ineson (Shocap), Stephanie Ineson (Shocap)
Artistic Director & Show Director: Samuel Tétreault
XR Creative Director: Athomas Goldberg
Artistic coordinator and Production director: Emanuelle Kirouac
Scenography and illustrations: Robert Massicotte
Light Design: Yves Aucoin
Costume designer: Camille Thibault-Bédard
Technical director: Louis Héon
Musical Direction and Programmation Abelton: Eric Plante

XR Production & Operations - Producer: Stefanie Ineson
Environment Artist (Unreal): Emily Cho & Joel Wynd
Unreal Engine Integration: The Fury Studio
Animatrik Film Design Team: Ben Murray (Performance Capture Supervisor) and
Lucas Kot (Motion Capture Specialist)
Music and Lyrics: Didier Lemire Stowe

Voice, Piano, Guitar & Trampo-Wall: Didier Lemire Stowe
Dance & Arial Ring: Verónica Herrera
Dance & Hair-Hanging: Alma Danira Quintanar Valenzuela
Dance & Acrobatics: Geovany Mora Escalante
Hoop Diving & Dance: Téo Le Baut