Lune Rouge - PY1 Pyramid

Lune Rouge Entertainment

When we first got involved with Lune Rouge's PY1 Pyramid, it was to evaluate the current state of AR technologies. As a long-time collaborator of Guy's endeavor and shows, we enthusiastically came on-board. As the project evolved, we collaborated with Microsoft to bring HoloLens to the entertainment world. We brought our wealth of technological and interactive knowledge to the table and started hacking a solution to achieve this lofty goal: The merger of the real and virtual.

In order to do so, our starting point was to break the traditional silos of "departments" and bring them all under one data sharing space: The Network. Having one single, highly performant and redundant architecture allowed Lune Rouge's PY1 Pyramid to transform and reshape within an instant. With three terabit per second of throughput, this multi-protocol system was unrivaled. We could bring and host any device within any segment, offer blazing guest internet speed while protecting critical show infrastructure.

Once the backbone got laid out and functional, we now got to the fun part: Push the frontier of show technologies. We designed and implemented a novel tracking inside-out system for our AR endeavor. Once we hashed out our sandbox, we prototyped the first show integrated AR technical demo. Lasers, projections lights, audio and AR were melded into a unique, out of this world experience.