Les Grands Ballets - Gala

The Fury Studio
Les Grands Ballets

Les Grands Ballets approached us to create a one of a kind experience. What if you could be on stage with the dancers, take part to the morning class and then experience three breathtaking numbers.

Grands Ballets Trois-Cent-Soixante is unique glimpse into the Grands Ballets family and an exclusive access to the dancers.

Produced by The Fury Studio in 3D 360 with ambisonic sound mastering, this immersive movie in virtual reality (VR) is directed by Carlos Navarrete-Patino and Francis Corbeil. Under the artistic direction of Ivan Cavallari, we present three numbers: Blushing, Crater and Fête Sauvage.

Photos by Sasha Onyschenko

Directors: Carlos Navarrete-Patino and Francis Corbeil
Executive Producer: Les Grands Ballets
Producer: Alexandre Barrette

Lighting Designer: Jean-François Couture
Director of Photography: Dominic St-Amant
Sound designer: Marc-Olivier Germain
Editing: Alexandre Barrette

Artistic Director: Ivan Cavallari
Executive Director : Marc Lalonde
Director, Developement, Fundraising and Events: Elise Charbonneau
Production Director: Stéphan Pépin
Technical Director: Simon Beetschen
Technical Director GBC-Wilder : Jimi Marcotte

Choreography : Peter Quanz
Music: Young and Beautiful (Lana Del Rey) Bryson Anderson (Youtube sessions, Vol. 1)
Dancers : Emily He, Célestin Boutin

Choreography : Roddy Doble
Music : J.S. Bach, Adagio d’après/ after Marcello - Concerto en ré mineur/ in D minor (BWV974)
Dancers : Rachele Buriassi, Roddy Doble

Fête Sauvage Volume 1
Choreography : Hélène Blackburn
Music : Dear Criminals
Dancers : Emma Garau Cima, Melih Mertel, Maude Sabourin, Nicholas Jones, Julia Bergua, James Lyttle, Mai Kono, Raphaël Bouchard, Éline Malègue

Ballet class: the Grands Ballets Canadiens dancers

Ballet Teacher: Ivan Cavallari
Pianists: Olga Trofanova, Yawen Wang
Ballet Masters : Hervé Courtain, Steve Coutereel


Head of Wardrobe : Mélanie Ferrero
Wardrobe Project manager, Shoes, Make-up and Hair : Marie-Hélène Gravel
Buyer : Julie Pelletier
Wardrobe Clerk : Marie-Hélène Kleinbaum, Louisanne Lamarre
Head Cutter : Caroline Boisvert
Assistant-cutter, interim : Natalie Talbot
Seamstress: Anabel Caron, Mireille Thibault, Camélia St-Cyr-Robitaille

Head Stage Carpenter: Kenneth Gregg
Head Lighting Technician : Patrick Carrière
Property Master : Pierre Berthiaume
Sound Designer and Sound Engineer : Raymond Soly
Head Video : Yan-Sébastien Latour
Head Dresser : Denise Morin
Assistant Head of Lighting : Dominic Drouin
Make-up and Hair : Sarah Ladouceur

Stagehands are members of Local 56 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).

All footage was shot in the Grands Ballets Canadiens’ Studio-Theatre and rehearsal studios at Édifice Wilder Espace Danse.

"This footage was filmed in full compliance with the CNESST’s sanitary standards for audiovisual production and the performing arts.”

A special thank-you to all Grands Ballets partners and donors!