Star Académie

Productions Déferlantes
Noisy Head Studio

Spanning two seasons, The Fury Studio, has relaunched seasons 2021 and 2022 of the long-running singer competition that is Star Académie. Catering to a 2 hour+ live broadcast, The Fury has brought great flexibility to the production team, by using a mixture of pre-rendered, real time, time coded and manual triggers.

Having such a broad high-resolution canvas, we have reduced pressure on the content teams by reusing elements and mixing them with real-time Notch effects.

Director: Daniel Laurin & Maxime Bissonnette-Théorêt
Show Direction: Marcella Grimaux & Samuel Sauvageau
Show Direction Assistant: Isabelle Painchaud
Artistic Direction: Marcella Grimaux
Video Designers: Daniel Faubert, Olivier Beaudoin, Eltoro Studio, Aaron Kauffman, Felipe Arrigada
Screen Producer: Isabelle Painchaud
Video Technical Direction, Video Programming and Operation: The Fury Studio
Musical Director: Alex McMahon
Lighting Designer: Jonathan Barro
Effects Designer: Patrick Vézina, PUR FX
Choreographer: Team White
Technical Directors: Eric Lapointe, Francis Youri
Production Supervisor: Chantal Lépine
Executive Producers: Jean-Philippe Dion & Benoit Clermont
Press Relations: Junior Bombardier, Roy & Turner