Silent Partners Studio
Riot Games

With our collaborators at Silent Partners Studio and XR Studios, we have embarked into the world that is the Valorant Champions Tour. For the end of 2021 and the whole of 2022 seasons, The Fury Studio has provided real-time Unreal Engine content integration, technical and screen producing.

Thanks to the creative vision of Silent Partners Studio and the technical craftmanship of XR Studios, The Fury Studio has been part of the team that has provided more than 500 hours of AR and video-scenic content to the multi-million audience of the VCT streams.

Producer Team: Secil Gruel, Jonathan Lo, Alden Harbi
Creative Director: Jean-Baptiste Blot
Executive Broadcast Producer: Stefan Richardson
Production Manager: Danny Wasby
Concept and Design: Tobias Rylander
Camera Director: Joe Hood
Creative Lighting: Michael Straun
Broadcast Lighting: Green Wall Designs
Rigging Design and Contractor: Alpine Rigging
AR and LED Screens Video Design: Silent Partners Studio
XR Producer: XR Studios
XRS Screen Producer: JT Rooney & Michael Al-Far
XRS CTO: Scott Millar
BSI: Alex Bell
Features: Goodboy Creative
Production Partner: ConCom
Camera Tracking: Stype
AR Control: Bright Studios Germany & Stage Precision
Musical Director: John Lock

Creative Producer: Janicke Morissette
Producer: Erci Lavoie
Creative Directors: Janicke Morissette & Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules
Artistic Director: Andréanne Dumont
Project Manager: Meghan Reinhardt
Unreal Engine Integrator: The Fury Studio
Technical & Screen Producer: The Fury Studio